How We Acquire Our Staff
Our operatives are recruited by recommendation from current staff, friends or family. All employees are hired directly through our BCC recruitment team. All candidates who apply will undertake an interview process with a current member of staff, in which the following documentation is required:

Valid Passport
Valid Visas (if applicable)
National Insurance Number

Proof of address (presented in three docs)
Reference checks

*We also undertake Criminal Record Bureau checks (CRB)

Once they have successfully passed the interview process, all candidates will receive training from our fully experienced and qualified manager, on all areas of cleaning and operational services to insure the best qualified operatives.


How We Train Our Staff
Once our candidates are employed, our operatives are given on-site training and development to make certain they are acquainted with the latest cleaning technology and Health & Safety Regulations. All operatives are certified on the following:

Security procedures
Cleaning procedures
Health & Safety
Manual Handling
How to use Eco friendly chemicals

Please contact us if you require further information and would like to see the Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services Training policy.


On-going Training
At Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services, we are always introducing new cleaning and maintenance services to ensure on-going improvement and development. We believe that all members of staff, including operatives, should be trained every 6 months in order to perform to the highest level and sustain this standard throughout. This gives all our current and new clients re-assurance and confidence that we, Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services, are always delivering excellence.

For more information, please contact a member of our advisers team on; 0207 7720 3665 or

Employee well-being can be affected by the use of certain cleaning products, keep it green.

Health & Safety

Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services operate to the highest possible health and safety standards. Our operatives are trained to the highest industry standards, and our commitment to health & safety is paramount.

Health & Safety Policy
Training Policy
Environmentally Policy
Lone Worker Policy
Site Specific
Risk Assessments
Method Statements
IOSH Certified
Safe Contractor Accredited


Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services recognises and accepts its duty to comply with all Health & Safety legislation applicable to the organisations business activities. In addition to meeting our legal responsibilities we are committed, to continuous improvement of our Health & Safety performance and to embrace it as an integral part of our overall business performance. It is also our policy to ensure all staff are properly trained and the training is reviewed every quarter. 

Our Green Policy

Blue Chip Cleaning & Support Services Ltd is
committed to using working practices that
minimise the effects of the business on
the environment. All employees have the
responsibility to minimise inappropriate


Green & Clean
We are committed to using the most
environmentally friendly means to provide
our cleaning service.


Less is More
The key is using the right product for the
right job. This, and the use of concentrates,
reduces consumption - causing less waste.
We use environmentally friendly 
multi -purpose cleaners.


We use biodegradable white & black
bin liners.


We exclusively use only micro-fibre cleaning
system in all processes, including mopping
and high levels. When used dry, dust and
dirt are attracted by static electricity. With
damp use, dirt and bacteria are picked up
by capillary action.


Our Clients
Reap the benefit of our Green cleaning
service by enjoying the health &
environmental benefit of using
an eco-friendly company.


We recycle our packaging/paper products,
we also offer a one stop hassle free
recycling service.


Company Vehicles
All company vehicles are either hybrid
cars or LPG commercial vehicles.


For more information on our Environmental
Policy, please contact a member of our
advisers team who will be more than
happy to arrange a free, no obligation
quotation at your office.